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Female Jail Staff Allegedly Gives Sloppy Toppy To Inmates During Midnight ‘Head Count

2 female Florida jail employees have been accused of having sexual conduct with two male inmates during the night shifts. According Tara M. Clark, 37, and detention technician Genice Cisnow, 26, spent “countless hours socializing and engaging in sexual acts” with two male inmates when they were supposed to be conducting “head” counts and safety checks, reports the Daily Mail. The 2 women were arrested on Wednesday after an investigation by the sheriff’s public corruption unit that lasted for two months. “This was a serious security breach and that’s my concern,” BSO Sheriff Scott Israel said Wednesday . “These women could…

70 Year Old Grandmother Caught in ACTION with Her 20 Year Old Grandson

If you thought that incest only happened in episodes of Game Of Thrones, think again. This 70 year old grandma was caught BANGING her 20 year old son. They were found red handed on camera by neighbors who caught wind of the taboo romance. This took place in a village in Kenya when they were caught. Grandma told the family she needed the boys help shaving her public hair. Seems like a normal request. While the young man said that the woman had lured him into the act on several occasions. Whatever the truth may be, the internet is…

Woman Runs Over Her Husband after Learning He Voted For Trump

A woman severely injured her husband by hitting him with her SUV, after he confessed that he had voted for Donald Trump in the last presidential election. Tina Whitmore, a devoted militant for the Hillary Clinton campaign, allegedly used her SUV to trample her husband, Darell Johnson, after he told her that he’d voted for Trump. Reportedly, her vehicle was going at more than 65 miles per hour it hit Mr Johnson, around 7:30 this morning. After the collision, it changed direction and ended up crashing into a large tree. Officers of the San Diego Police Department rapidly arrived on the site, and were able to arrest her. “I’d forgiven him…

Blind Pimp Shoots & Kills His Prostitute for Giving him 20’s instead of 50 Dollar Bills

“THAT B*TCH THOUGHT I WAS DUMB BUT I KNOW HOW A 50 FEEL I BEEN PIMPIN WITH NO EYES JUST MY EARS FOR YEARS” Said Stephen Walters aka “I C Green Da Pimp” to a judge as to why he shot and killed his bottom b*tch “Sweet Pea” for taking advantage of the fact he was blind. Mr. Walters went blind 10 years ago due to glaucoma but continued his pimp career with loyal hoes that would not try to get over on him. Sweet Pea tried to slip him a bankroll of just 20’s but it was actually…

Woman Shot Her 2-year-old Cousin In The Head After She And Child’s Mother Got Into An Argument

Shayla  Cyriece  Dearinge,  26,  of  Killeen  Texas  was  jailed Monday  and  charged  with  murder  after  a  weekend shooting  that  killed  a  toddler  who  would  have  turned  3 Monday. The victim was Dearinge’s cousin, police said. KWTV reports: Her bond is set at $1 million. Dearinge  and  her  aunt,  the  toddler’s  mother, were  arguing  at around 2:30 p.m. Saturday in the 4600 block of Golden Gate Drive, police said. “Dearinge fired a gun in the direction of the mother and toddler, striking the toddler,” police spokeswoman Carroll Smith said in a press release Monday. Dearinge was arrested after the shooting. The  toddler’s  mother  drove  the  boy  to  Metroplex  Hospital  in Killeen. He was later flown to McLane Children’s Scott & White Hospital where he later died. The murder complaint was issued Sunday.

Step Father Checks Dead Beat Dad About Complaining To Facebook About Him Taking His Daughter To Get Her Nails Done…

I wasn’t going to say anything but nah since her biological dad wanna make Facebook post I guess I’ll entertain him for a bit. So apparently you mad cause I took her to get her nails done yesterday? Is that correct El? After I reached out to you and told you I was taking her and even ask would you like to join… The difference between me and you bra, you just created her. I’M RAISING HER. While you over there in your feelings MF stop asking why I’m doing stuff with her and start asking about the shit…

Denzel Washington Backs Trump In The Most Epic Way Possible

While the rest of liberal Hollywood is still trying to demonize Donald Trump, Denzel Washington is speaking out in favor of the president-elect. “We need more and more jobs,” Washington recently commented. “He’s hired more employees, more people, than anyone I know in the world.” This is not the first time the Hollywood star has spoken out against his peers. He caught heat from fellow actors when he called President Obama’s agenda “anti-Christian.” Washington has been very vocal about his own religious beliefs, which obviously don’t align with Obama’s attempts to do away with traditional values. Washington was the…

Atlanta Woman Scams Bank Out of $16,000 for a ‘Brazilian Butt’ Lift

  44­year­old  Vanessa  Williams  of  Atlanta,  Ga.,  is  the ultimate scammer. She  scammed  banks  out  of  large  amounts  of  money  to  fund her  lifestyle,  which  included  $16,000  for  “Brazilian  Butt”  lift surgery. Alive11 teports: It’s  a  case  of  fake  identities,  credit  scams  and  plastic surgery. Gwinnett Police were alerted about the schemes after 44­yearold Vanessa  Williams  contacted  police  saying  she  had  an argument  with  her  now  former  friend,  44­year­old  Ericka Williams. Vanessa initially befriended Ericka while sharing a jail cell  in  2012.  Afterwards,  they  moved  in  together  at  Ericka’s home located on Sugarstone Drive in Lawrenceville. Vanessa  said  that’s  when  she  found  out  Ericka  was  in  the business of creating fake I.D.s on her home computers. Police were  told  once  the  fake  I.D.s  were  made,  they  were  used  to scam …

Chicago Man Arrested for Slapping 25 B*tches Because He Was Tired of B*tches

A 23 year old Chicago man was arrested last night for slapping 25 Bitches. He said he was tired of bitches playing games so he went to the liquor store on 71st and state brought a 5th of Hennessy and got pissy drunk. He then proceeded to walk down the street and slap the dog sh*t out of every bitch he approached. “I THOUGHT HE WAS A PIMP THE WAY HE WAS SLAPPING THEM HOES AROUND BUT HE AIN’T ASK THEM FOR NO MONEY ” — WITNESS He attempted to slap a heaven set woman and they got into…

Atlanta Man Dressed As “Clown” Doll, Hides In Bedroom And Rapes Child

Atlanta, Georgia – Police arrested an Atlanta man, after a babysitter discovered him hiding out as a “clown” doll in the child’s room. The incident originates out of Atlanta, Georgia involving a 32-year-old man, who was once a clown performer for children parties, with a history of sexual assault convictions involving children. According to reports, the two-time convicted pedophile was hiding out in the bedroom of a seven-year-old girl, sexually assaulting her, while the child was left in the care of a trusted babysitter. Based on official police documents, the babysitter provided a disturbing account of how the child sex…
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