New York Man Hit By Car Doing Mannequin Challenge. Thieves steal his Timberlands

  “WHEN THE CAR HIT HIM HIS TIMBERLANDS FLEW 50 FEET IN THE AIR. I’M MAD SOMEONE STOLE THEM BEFORE I DID” On Sunday afternoon a man from New York City was hit by a car while doing the Mannequin challenge. Witnesses say the man saw the car coming…

Man Murders Girlfriend in Her Sleep Because Her Eyebrows Gave Him Nightmares

“THEM SH💩TS LOOK LIKE THE BATMAN SIGNAL AND THAT HOE AIN’T NO SUPER HERO” Said a Louisiana man who was arrested for murder last night. Rocky Washington was arrested for murder after neighbors called the police once they heard a loud gunshot at their apartment home. Police arrived and…

Kim Kardashian Reportedly Wants To Divorce Kanye West & Keep Both Children

BREAKING: Kim Kardashian is reportedly building a divorce case against Kanye West and is seeking full custody of their children. Wow. In the wake of the violent robbery Kim suffered in Paris and Kanye’s recent mental breakdown, it was obvious that Kimye was in dire straits. But a divorce?…

Dubai Sugar Daddy Sues IG Model for Money Back, Tells Judge P*ssy was Trash

“I FLEW HER FIRST CLASS TO DUBAI FOR SOME ‘AIGHT P*SSY’. THAT’S A $10K TRIP, THAT KITTY SHOULD’VE BEEN SENSATIONAL” Said one Dubai baller who flew IG model Shala Showoff to his home in Dubai where they had intercourse, and he defecated on her face multiple times while mouth…

Tyga Car Repossessed While Waiting Outside 21 Savage Concert to Fight

“WHAT HAPPEN TO ALL THOSE RACKS HE RAPPED ABOUT IN RACK CITY? TYGA ISSA BROKE NIGGA.” – 21 SAVAGE Rapper Tyga pulled up to 21 savages concert in Los Angeles after the two continued to exchange words on social media, but was left carless after a repo’ woman came…

Female Jail Staff Allegedly Gives Sloppy Toppy To Inmates During Midnight ‘Head Count

2 female Florida jail employees have been accused of having sexual conduct with two male inmates during the night shifts. According Tara M. Clark, 37, and detention technician Genice Cisnow, 26, spent “countless hours socializing and engaging in sexual acts” with two male inmates when they were supposed to be…

70 Year Old Grandmother Caught in ACTION with Her 20 Year Old Grandson

If you thought that incest only happened in episodes of Game Of Thrones, think again. This 70 year old grandma was caught BANGING her 20 year old son. They were found red handed on camera by neighbors who caught wind of the taboo romance. This took place in a…

Woman Runs Over Her Husband after Learning He Voted For Trump

A woman severely injured her husband by hitting him with her SUV, after he confessed that he had voted for Donald Trump in the last presidential election. Tina Whitmore, a devoted militant for the Hillary Clinton campaign, allegedly used her SUV to trample her husband, Darell Johnson, after he told her that he’d voted for Trump. Reportedly,…

Blind Pimp Shoots & Kills His Prostitute for Giving him 20’s instead of 50 Dollar Bills

“THAT B*TCH THOUGHT I WAS DUMB BUT I KNOW HOW A 50 FEEL I BEEN PIMPIN WITH NO EYES JUST MY EARS FOR YEARS” Said Stephen Walters aka “I C Green Da Pimp” to a judge as to why he shot and killed his bottom b*tch “Sweet Pea” for…

Woman Shot Her 2-year-old Cousin In The Head After She And Child’s Mother Got Into An Argument

Shayla  Cyriece  Dearinge,  26,  of  Killeen  Texas  was  jailed Monday  and  charged  with  murder  after  a  weekend shooting  that  killed  a  toddler  who  would  have  turned  3 Monday. The victim was Dearinge’s cousin, police said. KWTV reports: Her bond is set at $1 million. Dearinge  and  her  aunt,  the  toddler’s  mother, were  arguing  at around 2:30 p.m. Saturday in the 4600 block of Golden Gate Drive, police said. “Dearinge fired a gun in the direction of the mother and toddler, striking the toddler,” police spokeswoman Carroll Smith said in a press release Monday. Dearinge was arrested after the shooting. The  toddler’s …
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