The 7 Women That Posted the Same Man as Their Boyfriend on ‘National Boyfriend Day’ Finally Speak Out



Yesterday social media went crazy over the fact that seven
women posted the same man on Twitter as their boyfriend for
“National Boyfriend Day.”
Complex magazine decided to reach out to each lady to get
the background on their relationship with Twitter

Complex reports:
National Boyfriend Day was Oct. 3, and one boyfriend in
particular stole the spotlight after Twitter seemingly
caught him sliding into multiple women’s DMs.
Seven different women wished the same man a happy day and
lots of love. But if it sounds too fantastic to be true… that’s
because it is.
The seven women involved were @AshleyySimone21,
@Nigerian__InMe, @oghosdidi, @its_catherinee,
@NigerianThugga, @SydPetite, and @s_bontiff, all of
whom tweeted out to their “boyfriend” @KINGxCHARLESIII.
Several of them interacted with one another over the posts,
tepidly “fighting” over their purported boyfriend. Charles
appeared to gleefully play along, and all of them retweeted
post and tweets related to the drama. Complex reached out to all of the women who had open DMs on Twitter (which came out to six of seven) as well as Charles,



the man in question. Initially Charles, the “boyfriend,” seemed
to say the posts were a hoax; however, he later backtracked,
claiming the story was true. Notably, he also informed Complex
that he is “not a thot.”
One of the “girlfriends” told Complex over DM that “[T]he whole
tweet started as a joke between friends. We were all playing
along, laughing. Then soon enough, the world started laughing
with us. Some started laughing at us, even called us out of our
names and said we planned it lol. It was a joke that went viral.”
When asked if any of the seven women were actually dating
Charles, the “girlfriend” told Complex, “[W]e’re all friends. We
always joke like this.”
Another of the girlfriends insisted to Complex it was real (but
said she wouldn’t comment more without “proper
compensation”). After Complex informed girlfriend #2 that
others had spilled the beans and said it was a joke, this
girlfriend replied, “Playing with my emotions is not a joke.”
When asked directly if she and Charles were dating, the
woman did not respond.
Complex was then contacted by an account claiming to be the
group’s management, and asked for compensation. A woman
claiming to be a friend of the group also reached out over DM
saying she would talk but not “for cheap.” Journalistic
standards dictate that sources cannot be compensated for
comment, and no one was paid to speak with Complex.
What seemed like a “caught you cheating” story now seems to
have been a group of friends goofing off, and ostensibly hoping
to make a buck off of viral fame.

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