Black Woman with 9 Kids by 9 Different Fathers is Single and Looking for a Husband 


Going viral in an internet post on Facebook, Felecia Johnson posted pics of herself and her 9 children living the good life. There are so many people that can barely afford the one kid that they have, but this woman has broken the mold, literally.

In a Facebook dating group this woman posted a full body shot of her, and a couch full of her children. She has a set of triplets, one set of twins, and four individual children. Oh, did we mention that she is only 25.

On top of all that worry about procreation, you will also have to worry about handling all of her 9 other kids. We’re not saying that there isn’t someone out there for her, but that man is probably going to have a lot of patience.

Can you just imagine going over to her house to pick her up, you would have to wait 20 minutes for her to say goodbye to everyone? Sure that’s a little funny, but it is definitely a routine that she goes through like that family in the “Sound of Music”.

If you want something other than ordinary, this 25-year-old is probably the best one to fit your needs. We do wish Felecia Johnson the best on all of her dating ventures. We just wonder how many men are going to say “Bye, Felecia” when they see the grocery bill.

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