Brazilian Women Are Being Kidnapped For Their Hair Due To High Demand Of Weave

BRAZIL – The demand for weave has become an epidemic within the United States. Hundreds of Brazilian women are kidnapped everyday to keep this high demand going these women are kidnapped and their hair removed to be shipped to the United States.


We spoke to some of these women who were lucky enough to escape. They claimed once kidnapped their hair is immediately cut and prepared to be sold usually shipped to United States. We spoke to William Jackson about the situation and he tell us “African women can easily get away with murder because every hair recovered from the crime scene by the forensics team will be traced back to someone in Brazil.” confirming the epidemic within the United States is real and frighting


With this the weave movement growing independent research professor Jashua Silva from Brazil says “By the year 2035 90% of Brazilian women will be bald”

Next time you buy a weave remember someone probably died for you to wear that weave.

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