Breaking News – FBI Uncover Pictures Of Young Chris Brown in Michael Jacksons Never Land Ranch 

“I’m not the smartest man in the world but from the looks of it Chris Brown learned more than dance moves at Michael’s house” – Agent B.Griggs


A never-before-seen police report from when the Santa Barbara Police Department investigated Michael Jackson for child molestation in 2003, has been making the rounds on the Internet lately. While the report seems almost too over the top to be true some things cannot be overlooked.

“We found a receipt that said “C. Brown Milk Party Weekend $683,000. In a Curious George Goes To School Book” – Agent J. Briggs

This raid also revealed for the first time the King of Pop’s secret closet, hidden in the back of his bedroom and locked with three deadlocks. It was in here that he kept memorabilia like a signed photograph of singer Chris Brown, stuffed animals, games, and nude photos. We found a Brown signed photo with a note saying…

“I don’t think that was Milk at the party, please don’t leave me alone in the house.”


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