Crazy Girl Flips Out Text Dude Declines Date 



Hearing how a girl asked a guy out is like someone saying they spotted Bigfoot. It’s really hard to believe but I guess not ENTIRELY impossible. In short, it rarely happens for a girl to take the first step, leaving it up to the guy 99.9% of the time and it’s a breath of fresh air when we don’t have to do all of the damn work. After you read this story, maybe that’s a good thing?

This guy was actually asked out by a girl via text and despite it being a sign that the end of days are coming, he politely declined her offer. And by polite, the guy could not have been nicer about it. But what happened after that shows what exactly girls go through most of the time when turning down a dude’s offer to go out; this girl totally flipped out and it turned ugly real fast.

Ever see the movie Fatal Attraction? Lucky for this guy, he opted out of this situation way early unlike Michael Douglas. However this girl is clearly going to boil his daughter’s bunny all the same!

This is the part where she starts bringing out the insults and saying the guy should go kill himself. Yikes.

The make-up sex is going to be stellar after this.

Valentine’s Day is a few months away so both of these people still have some time to find their perfect match. Until then, hopefully this dude hasn’t told her where he lived just yet. According to his post on Imgur, he met her casually and exchanged numbers which I guess this girl took as a sign they were going to get fucking married. Lock your doors and windows and pray for it to all be over, my friend.

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