Doctor Suspended For Aasking a Patient If She Likes Big D*cks!



Elizabeth Mate, the doctor overseeing the tribunal, said Owolabi’s innuendo about dick size was “cavalier” and “unprofessional,” according to Global News.

But the gross comments seem to be pretty on brand for Owolabi; a total of four female patients accused him of making sexual remarks and hugging and kissing them during appointments.


Before returning to work, Owolabi will have to take a lesson on doctor-patient boundaries (apparently it’s not obvious that asking a patient about dick size preferences is frowned upon), and for two years afterwards he’ll be supervised while seeing female patients. He also has to pay the college back $75,000—the cost of investigating complaints against him.

Owolabi reportedly defended himself against the allegations by describing one of his patients as a “pathological liar” and “mischievous,”—charges that the tribunal dismissed.

His lawyer Paul Stokes argued that in the scheme of things, hugging and kissing women is not that big a deal.

“He’s very disappointed,” said Stokes of the decision.

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