Fake Teenage Doctor Storms Out During Interview on Good Morning America – Video

When he couldn’t come up with more lies  he just bailed out hoping to save face, but  it didn’t work.


For people who haven’t heard, this 18-year-old named Malachi Love-Robinson opened up an office and posed as a doctor. After a sting operation by the local police he was quickly arrested. He was released on bail for $21,000 and has been trying to deny all charges ever since. Despite having the initials ‘MD’ on his office sign and website he continues to deny ever claiming to be a medical doctor.



He has tried to spin it as if he is a doctor because he has a PhD, but he won’t disclose what he has a PhD in. He was invited onto the show ‘Good Mourning America’ to try and clear his name, it obviously didn’t work out like he had hoped. After being constantly drilled by the interviewer Malachi was driven into a corner and the only way he could get out was walking away completely. The judge who hears his case is going to eat him up.



Watch the whole interview below:

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