Female Jail Staff Allegedly Gives Sloppy Toppy To Inmates During Midnight ‘Head Count



2 female Florida jail employees have been accused of having sexual conduct with two male inmates during the night shifts.

According Tara M. Clark, 37, and detention technician Genice Cisnow, 26, spent “countless hours socializing and engaging in sexual acts” with two male inmates when they were supposed to be conducting “head” counts and safety checks, reports the Daily Mail. The 2 women were arrested on Wednesday after an investigation by the sheriff’s public corruption unit that lasted for two months.

“This was a serious security breach and that’s my concern,” BSO Sheriff Scott Israel said Wednesday . “These women could have been hurt…these inmates could have escaped.”

Police received a tip in August  form a jail snitch and began their undercover investigation. Detectives said that they saw Clark engaged in “intimate activities”  Or “Head” in the hallway with inmate Frankie Quinn. Cisnow is said to have locked herself in the control room with prisoner Carlton Lowe.

Clark now faces 2 charges of official misconduct, and her bond has been set at $50,000. She was a sheriff’s deputy for almost eight years prior to her arrest.

Cisnow faced three charges of official misconduct, with her bond being set at $75,000. She had been an employee for a little more than three years.

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