Florida Bus Driver Fired for Making White Passengers Sit at Back of the Bus



“If it was up to me I would’ve gave the n***a a raise. Not fire him. Always tryna keep a black man down”

Said one young black passenger who enjoyed sitting at the front of the bus for a change. “White folk be on the bus earlier so they always get the good seats.”


Mr. Flock not pictured (chose not to show his face, because he doesn’t want to be famous) was fired after he was reported over 45 times for asking white patrons to sit at the back of the bus while black people enjoyed the luxury of the spacious front located seats.

“I mean honestly it takes guts to do some shit like this and it broke my heart to fire him, but then I can’t have all the white folks here calling me a n****r lover”


Mr. Flock says he plans to file a wrongful termination lawsuit and thinks white people are “soft”, because of the fact that his people sat at the back of the bus for hundreds of years and white folks can’t tough it out for a month.

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