Future: “Ciara Mad Because I Won’t Let Her Claim Baby Future on Her Taxes”



“I pay $ 12k a month in child support. Ain’t no way in hell, she gon f**k up a tax refund check on my dime.”– Future Said

Future about baby mother Ciara suing him for $ 15 million that he must have hiding somewhere, because that’s the only way she’ll ever get it. Future says Ciara is actually suing him, because she is mad, because he wouldn’t let her claim baby Future on her 2015 tax return.

“She greedy. She got a multi-millionaire NFL boyfriend, a multi-millionaire rapper baby father, and a promising career as an Instagram model if she get a little thicker” – Future


Future says its only right that he gets to claim baby Future on his tax return since he spent more money on baby Louboutin’s than any other person in baby Louboutin shoe history.

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