What happens when you pour molten copper on a Big Mac?

Tito4re has a nice sized YouTube channel with which he uploads numerous videos of him pouring molten copper on everything he can think of. He has copper coated everything from ice to a watermelon, but today he decided to pick up McDonald’s and set it on fire.



He starts off by taking advantage of McDonald’s 2 for 5 deal and gets two Big Macs. Then using his personal furnace melts some copper wire into a bowl. He then just pours in on top of the burgers. If only most science was just that easy. Part way through the burger appears to be too formidable so it has to be disassembled so that it can be cooked faster.

The end result is a Big Mac infused copper ring. Can only imagine the smell stinking like the back kitchen of your average McDonald’s.


You can watch the whole experiment in the full video below:


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