Inmate Sues Jail After Employees Had Sex with Him

This isn’t the type of jail story we are use to hearing. An Inmate is actually suing after 2 employees had sex with him.


The inmate accuses the county of negligent hiring.

Two former jail workers are in prison for having sex with an inmate who is now suing them, Washington County and the sheriff.

KOIN reports the lawsuit seeking $ 650,000 in damages. The county’s hiring and firing practices as well as the jail’s inadequate surveillance failed to prevent the misconduct.


The inmate filed notice that he intends to sue, claiming damages related to Brett Robinson and Jill Curry having sex with him repeatedly last year. Both former jail workers pleaded guilty to charges related to sexual misconduct, and Curry was sentenced in March to four years in jail.

Attorneys for former civilian jail services technicians Jill Curry and Brett Robinson argued the inmate pursued them.

Here is Jill in court:

State law says inmates cannot consent to sex.

County spokesman Philip Bransford said the county does not believe it is liable in this case.

Records say the inmate is in state prison for attempted second-degree assault, unlawful use of a weapon and tampering with a witness.


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