Jealous Houston Man Murder’s His Child’s Mother. Then Goes On Instagram And Confesses

23-year-old Lakeisha Lewis and her 24-year-old boyfriend Johnel Francis were found murdered in her home, after their murderer admitted to the killing on Instagram. Lakeisha’s ex boyfriend Darrell P. Mitchell murdered the couple after becoming increasingly jealous of their budding relationship.



The saddest part is that Lakeisha and Darrell left behind 3 beautiful children, who will now be parentless after their murderous father is sentenced. “You will have to raise the kids now,” Darrell told a friend after admitting to shooting the couple.


A Cowardly Father

Darrell fled the scene around 2:30 am after shooting Lakeisha and Johnel. He later showed up at his attorneys home to surrender, but has not cooperated with the police since being detained.


“We can’t tell them [the children] anything about their mom because how do you explain to a 1,3 and 5 year old that they will never see their mom again,” Lakeisha’s stepmom said to reporters.


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