Kim Kardashian Superfan Gets A $10k Brazilian Butt Lift To Recreate The Famous Assets

3ad3b-marlene-chinea-lakukan-oplas-mirip-kimMariene Chinea is a nurse by day and Kim Kardashian superfan, whose decided to spend $10,000 in total to look just like her favorite reality star.



She is really a big fan of Kim and always try to follow her lifestyle as per she can and we know that celebrity live a healthy and luxurious life style which is full of all gracious amenities. Their social accounts are stamped with many genuine users and on every single post she gets thousands of like within a minute. Like the girl who is from Florida named Mariene Chinea, working as a nurse in a multi-specialty hospital. After getting news that Kim has uplifted her butt then she has decided to go for that and to look alike with her star. She invested $10,000 to have these big bumps.

8544459feff21cd7144d75af8449aaa0.600xThe famous Dr. Miami performed the surgery, and asked Mariene to gain weight before the surgery, making it much easier to create the perfect butt.

Before going through this transformation she was very nervous and scared and after having she was pleased with result. After this incident she was happy and many people admired her act. Overall life is good and I am happy,” Chinea said. “I’ve also received plenty of attention from both sexes — not just guys.”

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