After Losing All “Respeck” To His Name; Birdman Has Been Driving Around Miami In His Bugatti Crying



MIAMI,FL – After losing all “Respeck” to his name the rapper and CEO of Cash Money Records has been spotted driving around Miami crying in his $1.5 million dollars Bugatti Veyron.

“Put Some Respeck on My Name”, is a memorable quote uttered by Louisiana rapper and hip hop entrepreneur Birdman during his confrontational guest appearance on the radio show The Breakfast Club in late April 2016. Following the airing of the interview, many listeners mocked the rapper’s unique, southern, pronunciation of the word “respect” as “respeck.”

The interview went viral and hundreds of memes were made to mock the rapper. Close friends of Birdman said he couldn’t get on Facebook without a meme of him showing up and every time he would see one he would start to cry.

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