“Man” Bleached His Girlfriend’s Entire Home, All Her Clothes, And Then Threw Bleach In Her Face Because She Wouldn’t Give Him Any Of Her Tax Refund Money From H & R Block 


Woman worked all year for her Tax Refund, but can’t enjoy it because of her deadbeat boyfriend…

A Rock Hill man was arrested Monday morning after a woman told police he slapped her, broke her phones because he was angry she wouldn’t give him any of her tax refund money. He then poured bleach on her clothes, all over her home, and threw it in her face.

The woman, 24, told police her children’s father, Clarence Reid, 24, fought with her about how she spent her tax refund check refusing to give him any. The two also argued over a text message on her cell phone, according to a Rock Hill police report.

Reid allegedly “became so irate” he broke her new cell phone and her old phone, cutting his hand in the process. Reid slapped the woman and refused to leave the home on Hunter’s Trail, the report states. He then poured bleach over all her clothes , threw it in her face and all over her skin, the report states. The woman left the house.

When officers accompanied the woman back to the house, they found it “reeked of bleach.” They also saw bleach marks on her skin.

Reid was arrested a short while later on Robinson Street. He denied slapping the woman and said he only poured the bleach on the woman and her clothing because she started pouring it first.

Source –IslandPacket.Com 

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