Man Chains Girlfriend in Backyard Since She Wanna be a Dog On Snapchat So Bad

“She wanted to be Scooby Doo soooo bad. B*tches should be careful what they ask for”


Said a Florida man who was arrested for chaining his girlfriend up in their backyard since she posted so many filters of herself as a dog on popular social network Snapchat.

John Aikens Jr. is facing charges for tying his 22 year old girlfriend up in his backyard for over a month, because according to him she wanted to be a dog online so bad.

“One Snapchat after the next. You got 10 million filters, but you pick the dog one every time? I felt like she was trying to tell me something.”

John says he’s not apologetic for his actions, but believes he could’ve fed her more since she was a good little doggy that didn’t give him any trouble while tied up out back.

**Victim not pictured for privacy reasons**

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