Man Finally Confessed to a Murder for Which His Twin Brother Has Served 10 Years in Prison 

A man’s conscience was eating away at him. His twin brother has spent 10 years in prison for a murder that he committed. The man finally decided to confess to the murder so his brother could be freed.


Vibe reports: One man’s secret has been eating away at him for more than a decade. According to the Chicago Tribune, Karl Smith recently confessed to a murder that dates back to 2003, for which his twin brother, Kevin Dugar, took the fall.

Smith, 38, stated that the police found his brother guilty of
murdering a man identified as Antwan Carter, because at the
time, “We was acting as one. Where I was, he was, acting like
each other. He pretended to be me, and I pretended to be him.”

Smith confessed that he was the one who fired shots into a
group of three rival gang members, which ended Carter’s life.

Dugar was found guilty of first­degree murder back in 2005 and
is serving a 54­year prison sentence. A survivor of the
shooting, Ronnie Bolden, identified Dugar as the shooter,
which was later supported by a then 16­year­old witness. Smith
said during his brother’s trial, he didn’t stand up and confess
because he felt his brother would be cleared of the case.

“I didn’t have the strength to come forward,” Smith said. “I
thought it was the job of the police to catch me.”

The news site also states that three years ago, Smith
confessed to his brother in a letter that he was the one who
committed the murder, despite the fact that Dugar questioned
Smith on whether or not he was the gunman, which Smith
denied at the time.

According to the Tribune, Smith is currently serving a 99­ year
prison sentence for an armed home invasion which led to the
shooting death of a 6­year­old boy.

“He’s got nothing to lose,” Assistant State’s Attorney Carol
Rogala said on Smith’s confession.

Judge Vincent Gaughan has yet to decide whether or not
Dugar will be granted a new trial.

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