Man Gets Arrested Intentionally To Avoid Spending Money On His Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day

 HAMILTON, ONTARIO, CA – Valentine’s Day, the day to appreciate and spend time with your significant other, and even shower them with gifts. Unfortunately, not every person is appreciative of their partner; It is being reported that 22 year old Juan Coutin, was arrested the morning of February 14 for robbing a grocery store with a knife. The shocking part—authorities say Pablo held up the grocery store for the sole reason of intentionally getting arrested to avoid giving his girlfriend a gift and taking her out to dinner.


Authorities say they arrived at the scene with Juan sitting down and having a peaceful conversation with the grocery store owner. “It was a very odd scene”, says police officer Kevin Laird, “normally we would see chaos at a robbery scene, but there we saw the alleged robber having a peaceful conversation with the grocery store owner, like if they were friends”. Police say Juan immediately stood up and turned himself in as soon as he saw the police walk in.

Later at the police station, Juan explained how the robbery was just a plan to be placed in jail to avoid spending money on his girlfriend. Juan apparently thought he would be arrested and placed in jail for one day only, and be released the following day, but things apparently did not go according to plan, as Juan must be tried for his alleged crime, even if it was staged. Authorities say Juan can be behind bars longer than he thought he would, was it all worth it?

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