Man Has Protected Sex With His Sidechick Knowing She’s HIV Positive, One Day Something Awful Happened; Now His Doctor Is Forcing Him To Tell His Wife



A husband is conflicted about his current situation.

His mistress is HIV positive, and she made him aware of her status before engaging in sex with him. Even though the two took steps to protect themselves, one day something went terribly wrong and now the husband has been exposed.

The husband wrote: I am married with two children. In August 2013, I got involved with a lady who revealed that she was HIV positive even before we got intimate. We went for a test that confirmed that she was indeed positive and I was negative.


Despite the results, I have maintained the relationship up until now,
including having sex but with protection.
Unfortunately, I got exposed by accident a few days ago and sought
medical advice where I was encouraged to start PEP treatment to
avoid getting infected.


I am away on official matters and will be back home in a few
The doctor advised that I either abstain or use a condom every
time I have sexual intercourse to avoid infecting my wife.
I don’t know how to even suggest this to her since I know she
is eagerly waiting for me and we have never had protected sex.

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