Maury’s Iphone App ‘Baby Daddy’ Helps Single Mothers Find Fathers That Owe Child Support 


Maury about to change the GAME! His iPhone App ‘Baby Daddy’ …helps single mothers track down missing fathers that OWE CHILD SUPPORT! They already recovered over $250,000 in the first week! (You can’t run from Child support n*GGA!)

“Over $250,000 in child support recovered in this week alone”

Said Maury about the impressive stats of his app Baby Daddy.

Maury’s new app Baby Daddy has helped find over 1200 missing baby father’s since its launch just a week ago and baby mother’s worldwide couldn’t be more happy.

“We’re going to wait before releasing the Android version since that’s what most baby father’s have and we don’t wanna give them a heads up”

Maury says its the least he can do after banking big off of Section 8 mothers and not wanting to claim they kids ass fathers.

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