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According To Study: 80% Of Black Men In Atlanta Are Homosexuals!

Atlanta, Georgia has been known for it’s population of homesexual African American men for the past few years, but until recently, this popular opinion was simply a stereotype. Following the release of “Dr. Satan’s White Van”, Tommy Wiseau’s latest movie, taking place in Atlanta, Georgia State University students began a study assessing the sexuality of the male population of the city with surprising results. The study divided the population into categories of black, white, Asian, and oreo, then divided them further into heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, and asexual. Upon completion of the study, it was found that 80% of…

Two Year Old Girl Was Beaten To Death By Mother Boyfriend, Because She Peed The Bed

Jacksonville, Florida. A 20-year-old man named Jamarius Graham was arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse in the death of a 2-year-old girl – Aaliyah Lewis. Donisha Barlow is Aaliyah’s mother. She says while she was at work Thursday, her boyfriend Jamarius was watching the child. Barlow says Graham told her he spanked the child using a belt and hanger. Apparently Jamarius was UPSET that Aaliyah wet the bed, and as punishment the ANIMAL allegedly beat her to death. Donisha was concerned and asked Jamarius to take Aaliyah to the hospital. But the little girl was too damaged. She…

Woman Arrested For Masturbating With Happy Meal Toy In McDonald’s Play Place 

Minnesota – Sharon Krueger, 36, was arrested yesterday after she was caught masturbating at a McDonald’s Play Place using her son’s Transformer Happy Meal toy. Her lewd conduct left patrons and children at the restaurant in dismay, causing mass panic. Sharon Krueger was witnessed by several customers and their children, sexually please herself inside the ball pit at the McDonald’s Play Place. The incident occurred around 6 p.m. yesterday according to reports. Krueger had taken her 6-year-old son, Daniel Krueger, to the restaurant to get him dinner. Afterwards, she left her son at the table to eat as she…

60 KKK Members Commit Suicide After Learning Harriet Tubman Will Be on $20 Bill

Atleast 60 Klu Klux Klan Members have reportedly committed suicide after finding out Harriet Tubman will be replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 Dollar Bill. The Mass suicide took place in Charleston, South Carolina where they all took cyanide together after praying. The bodies are all of white males between the ages of 40 and 65. They feel like the blacks and the Jewish folks have stole America and since they can’t have their country back they decided to leave permanently in a mass suicide. They left a suicide note and it reads: “FIRST THEY PUT A N**ER IN…

TRAGIC: Rapper Young Thug Was Found Alive And Well In His Los Angeles Apartment

Los Angeles,CA – It has been reported by friends of Young Thug that he was found alive and well in his LA apartment after several rumors of his death due to heroin overdose surfaced the internet. A recent pull held by the hip hop community showed 90% of the votes suggested his death would have been a blessing to the hip hop world. Here is a recent photo he posted to his Instagram: We’re sorry but he is alive. Maybe next time.

Birdman Now Selling ‘Put Some Respek on My Name’ Shirts

Birdman is a marketing genius. Less than a week after he went viral by storming out of his ‘Breakfast Club’ interview, Baby is selling t-shirts with phrases from the already-infamous interview. “Got No More Talkin,” “Put Some Respek on My Name,” “All Tree Y’all” and “Finish or You Done” are among some of the phrases you can choose to get on a tee or a hoodie on his merch website. The tees go for $30 and the hoodies go for $50.

After Losing All “Respeck” To His Name; Birdman Has Been Driving Around Miami In His Bugatti Crying

  MIAMI,FL – After losing all “Respeck” to his name the rapper and CEO of Cash Money Records has been spotted driving around Miami crying in his $1.5 million dollars Bugatti Veyron. “Put Some Respeck on My Name”, is a memorable quote uttered by Louisiana rapper and hip hop entrepreneur Birdman during his confrontational guest appearance on the radio show The Breakfast Club in late April 2016. Following the airing of the interview, many listeners mocked the rapper’s unique, southern, pronunciation of the word “respect” as “respeck.” The interview went viral and hundreds of memes were made to mock…

Man Suing McDonald’s for $2M for Making Him Fat, Settles for a Lifetime Supply of Free Food

Orlando, Florida | A man who was suing McDonald’s for $2.085 million, accusing the company of being responsible for his obesity, agreed to drop his lawsuit in exchange for free food in the chain’s restaurants for the rest of his life. 53-year old Walter Randell, accused McDonald’s of jeopardizing his health with their greasy, salty food, blaming them for his health problems that include diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. He claimed that the fast food restaurants, where he says he used to eat at least ten times a week, even after suffering two heart attacks, did not properly…

The Game Drags Khia On Social Media Over Her Beyonce Comments

It’s been a long time since we heard from Khia, who’s mostly known for her hop hop song from back in the day entitled, ” My Neck and My Back”.   Well, she’s back in the spotlight not for her music but for her commentary of Beyonce’s visual album “Lemonade”. Khia made comments that Beyonce is a “hoe” and that Serena Willams, who is featured in the video as well, is a slave. In essence, she feels like Beyonce makes black people “look bad”. The same person who made a song about a man licking it good had something…

Youth Pastor Fired for Looking at T*tty Pages on Instagram

“If I have to browse t*tty pages everyday to save one lost soul. Then that’s what I’ll do. Amen.” Said an Atlanta preacher about him being caught in the act of looking at uncensored breast pages on Instagram. A Youth Pastor was fired from an Atlanta church after he was caught browsing multiple social network pages filled with booty and breast. “Damn near impossible to avoid t*tties on Instagram. Click ‘Explore’ and your phone look like the strip club” – Pastor The Youth Pastor says since he’s no longer a man of the cloth he will be going home…

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