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22-Year-Old Atlanta Woman Boils Then Stabs Roommate To Death After An Argument Over A Missed Ride

A 22-year-old Atlanta woman is in police custody for allegedly stabbed her roommate for leaving her stranded downtown. According to AJC reports: It happened early Saturday morning at his apartment on Bouldercrest Road. The police report said Charles Rudison was stabbed to death by his roommate, Breyana Davis, 22, after Davis ditched Rudison in downtown Atlanta. Rudison was a Dacula Publix distribution center employee, his Facebook page said. He’d gone to high school at Gwinnett County’s Mill Creek High and filled the page with contemplations on life and how to be a better man. Davis called 911 at 3:45…

Man Jumped by Family at Funeral for Saying “I’m Only Sorry She Died before I ‘Hit It’ “

“SHE HAD PROMISED ME THE P*SSY ON THE 27TH. BIH, GOT HIT ON THE 23RD.” Said Travanace Jefferson about him speaking on his girlfriend at her funeral. Travanace spoke at his girlfriend’s funeral after she passed earlier that week and let her family know that he was only sorry she passed before he hit it. “IT WAS LIKE 1 ON 27, BUT I HELD MY OWN. DID I DIE?” – TRAVANACE A Houston man was killed while attending the funeral of a woman he was dating, because he said that he was only sorry she died, before he ‘hit…

According To Study: 80% Of Black Men In Atlanta Are Homosexuals!

Atlanta, Georgia has been known for it’s population of homesexual African American men for the past few years, but until recently, this popular opinion was simply a stereotype. Following the release of “Dr. Satan’s White Van”, Tommy Wiseau’s latest movie, taking place in Atlanta, Georgia State University students began a study assessing the sexuality of the male population of the city with surprising results. The study divided the population into categories of black, white, Asian, and oreo, then divided them further into heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, and asexual. Upon completion of the study, it was found that 80% of…

People Are Saying This 160,000-Year-Old Man Discovered In Africa Looks EXACTLY Like 50 CENT! His Ancient Ancestor?

Remember when the internet discovered the photo of a 1933 man that looked EXACTLY like Jay-Z? Well now there’s a new celebrity who resembles a man from the past…we’re talking 160,000 thousand years ago! It all started when Black History twitter account @BlackHistoryStudies innocently tweeted a photo of an acient African man from thousands of years ago. They captioned it: “Reconstruction of a man found in Morocco who’s remains are 160,000 years old, Moesgaard Museum, Denmark.” But of course, hilarious twitter users began to notice just how much the man resembled 50 Cent. And along came the hilarious memes!…

Exclusive: Lira Galore Twitter Gets Hacked; DM’s Shows Mike Epps, Yo Gotti, Chad Johnson & More!

Lira Galore Twitter account is currently hacked and posting private messages. Check it out below! Mike Epps Mike Epps exposed in Lira Galore DM'S — Claimyourshade (@claimyourshade) May 30, 2016 Lira Galore to Mike Epps — Claimyourshade (@claimyourshade) May 30, 2016 Yo Gotti Yo Gotti exposed in Lira Galore DM'S — Claimyourshade (@claimyourshade) May 30, 2016 Ian Conner Ian CONNER the rapist exposed in Lira Galore DM'S — Claimyourshade (@claimyourshade) May 30, 2016 Travis Porter Friend Travis Porter ppl in Lira GaloreDM'S — Claimyourshade (@claimyourshade) May 30, 2016 Chad Johnson & course Chad Johnson…

Rat Found Inside Cooked Chicken From Walmart (3 Photos) 

Twitter user StrangePintura found a rat inside a cooked chicken from Walmart and posted it online. I really hope it’s not real but what if it is? What would you have done if you saw a rat inside your already cooked chicken from Walmart?  

Mother Arrested for Begging Her 15­ Year ­Old Daughter to Have a Threesome with Her: ‘We Need the Money’

When your mom’s a ho and she wants you to be one, too… BATON ROUGE, Louisiana – A mentally disturbed mother is charged with indecent behavior with a minor, accused of asking her 15­year­old daughter to have a threesome with her, in exchange for money. Mamie Harris, 39, was arrested after police say Harris approached the teen, asking for her to take part in a three way. The teen refused, to which Harris replied, “You know we need the money.” The teen finally got tired of her mom’s behavior and went to the police. She told police there were…

Man Was Robbed and Killed After He Met Woman on PlentyOfFish 

Adam Hilarie, 27, went on a date with Haliey Rose Bustos, 18, Thursday. Bustos and three others then robbed Hilarie in his home Friday, killing him in the process, Auburndale police said. A single Florida dad was fatally shot after a woman he met on a dating website set him up to be robbed. After connecting on PlentyOfFish, Adam Hilarie took Hailey Bustos bowling in Winter Haven, Florida, on Thursday, August 18. A few hours later, the two went back to his apartment. Later that night she texted him: “I had a good time and would like to see…

Toni Braxton Confirms She’s Smashin’ Birdman!

Ew. Toni Braxton has finally confirmed rumors that she’s smashin’ Cash Money Records CEO Birdman. During the singer’s Thursday night show in Atlanta, Birdman made an appearance onstage. Toni’s backup singers broke out in a medley of “Put some respeck on my name,” poking fun at Birdman’s recent on-air match with Charlamagne of The Breakfast Club. Toni then called Birdman out on stage and the crowd went wild. Allegedly, they have been “very close for years,” and they had some low-key hookups, but this was their official debut as boyfriend and girlfriend. I guess Toni is cool with being…

Michael Jordan Says He’s Tired of Police Killing All His Customers

“DUE TO POLICE BRUTALITY BLACK PEOPLE ARE DROPPING LIKE MY JUMP SHOT IN THE 4TH QUARTER” Said Michael Jordan in a passionate article he wrote on the current state of police on anybody resembling a black person crime. “WHITE PEOPLE AIN’T SPENDING TWO HUNNID ON NO SHOES” – MICHAEL JORDAN Michael says if he creates a special police edition Jordan sneaker will they at least hold off until he reaches billionaire status. “IF THEY KEEP THIS UP I’LL ONLY BE WORTH HALF A BILLION BY NEXT YEAR”

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