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Dubai Sugar Daddy Sues IG Model for Money Back, Tells Judge P*ssy was Trash

“I FLEW HER FIRST CLASS TO DUBAI FOR SOME ‘AIGHT P*SSY’. THAT’S A $10K TRIP, THAT KITTY SHOULD’VE BEEN SENSATIONAL” Said one Dubai baller who flew IG model Shala Showoff to his home in Dubai where they had intercourse, and he defecated on her face multiple times while mouth was open. Krishanaroff Pinshinksy says he flew Shala to Dubai to have a good time, and all he had was rug burn on his weenie from 45 minutes of dry head, and intercourse. “SHE SHOULD DELETE HER IG IMMEDIATELY, AND KEEP THAT KITTY BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.” – KRISHANAROFF Krishanaroff wants…

Rat Found Inside Cooked Chicken From Walmart (3 Photos) 

Twitter user StrangePintura found a rat inside a cooked chicken from Walmart and posted it online. I really hope it’s not real but what if it is? What would you have done if you saw a rat inside your already cooked chicken from Walmart?  

Former Corrections Officers Arrested !! Married Mother With Two Kids Charged With Having Sex With Inmates And Smuggling In Marijuana!!

    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Two former DeKalb County corrections officers are facing criminal charges for allegedly getting involved with inmates. Shanik Bishop, 26, and Nardia Reynolds, 30, were arrested Wednesday at their homes. Pictured left to right: Nardia Reynolds and Shanik Bishop. Pictured left to right: Nardia Reynolds and Shanik Bishop. The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office says Bishop provided marijuana to an inmate. She’s charged with felony violation of oath by a public officer and felony crossing guard lines with a weapon, liquor or drugs. DeKalb County says Bishop had worked at the county jail for six…

Man Was Robbed and Killed After He Met Woman on PlentyOfFish 

Adam Hilarie, 27, went on a date with Haliey Rose Bustos, 18, Thursday. Bustos and three others then robbed Hilarie in his home Friday, killing him in the process, Auburndale police said. A single Florida dad was fatally shot after a woman he met on a dating website set him up to be robbed. After connecting on PlentyOfFish, Adam Hilarie took Hailey Bustos bowling in Winter Haven, Florida, on Thursday, August 18. A few hours later, the two went back to his apartment. Later that night she texted him: “I had a good time and would like to see…

Mother Arrested for Begging Her 15­ Year ­Old Daughter to Have a Threesome with Her: ‘We Need the Money’

When your mom’s a ho and she wants you to be one, too… BATON ROUGE, Louisiana – A mentally disturbed mother is charged with indecent behavior with a minor, accused of asking her 15­year­old daughter to have a threesome with her, in exchange for money. Mamie Harris, 39, was arrested after police say Harris approached the teen, asking for her to take part in a three way. The teen refused, to which Harris replied, “You know we need the money.” The teen finally got tired of her mom’s behavior and went to the police. She told police there were…

“Damn Daniel” Teen, Daniel Lara, Hospitalized After Being Beaten and Robbed for His White Vans

  CALIFORNIA – After the “Damn Daniel” video of a California teenager recording his friend “Daniel” and saying the phrase “Damn Daniel” multiple times as he walks around the school looking cool and wearing his white vans went extremely viral on the Internet, it is being reported that “Daniel”, real name Daniel Lara, is being hospitalized in critical condition after he was severely beaten and robbed for his white vans just outside his home in California Saturday night, just only a few days after the “Damn Daniel” video went viral. The video “Damn Daniel” is the latest viral video…

Fake Teenage Doctor Storms Out During Interview on Good Morning America – Video

When he couldn’t come up with more lies  he just bailed out hoping to save face, but  it didn’t work. For people who haven’t heard, this 18-year-old named Malachi Love-Robinson opened up an office and posed as a doctor. After a sting operation by the local police he was quickly arrested. He was released on bail for $21,000 and has been trying to deny all charges ever since. Despite having the initials ‘MD’ on his office sign and website he continues to deny ever claiming to be a medical doctor.   He has tried to spin it as if he…

Two Year Old Girl Was Beaten To Death By Mother Boyfriend, Because She Peed The Bed

Jacksonville, Florida. A 20-year-old man named Jamarius Graham was arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse in the death of a 2-year-old girl – Aaliyah Lewis. Donisha Barlow is Aaliyah’s mother. She says while she was at work Thursday, her boyfriend Jamarius was watching the child. Barlow says Graham told her he spanked the child using a belt and hanger. Apparently Jamarius was UPSET that Aaliyah wet the bed, and as punishment the ANIMAL allegedly beat her to death. Donisha was concerned and asked Jamarius to take Aaliyah to the hospital. But the little girl was too damaged. She…

Rick Ross Celebrates Seeing Dick for First Time in 15 Years After Dropping 100lbs

LAST TIME I SEEN MY DICK WAS WHEN MY GIRL TOOK A PIC OF IT AND SENT IT TO ME” Said Rick Ross celebrating all his hard work and weight loss. Rick Ross threw a party in Atlanta celebrating the reuniting of him and his manhood after being able to see his penis for the first time in years “ITS LIKE ME AND MY DICK BEEN BEEFING FOR YEARS AND FINALLY DECIDED TO BE GROWN MEN AND SQUASH THAT SHIT” Rick Ross says he plans to masturbate for the next few years just to make up for lost time.

Police’s Wife Snitches On Him When She Found Out His Side Chick Was A 15-Year-Old 

A wife was devastated when she found out her husband was cheating on her. Things got even worse when she learned that his mistress was a 15-year-old girl. WhenLoveWasReal Reports Although this grown man looks like a kid himself, he’s sick. He’s married, 27 years old, and a member of the Polk County Police department, near Tampa, FL. To say he didn’t love his wife is an understatement, he loved the company of a 15 year old more, and risked his freedom, reputation, and marriage because of it. We praise his wife for what she did that put this…

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