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 Man Allegedly Murdered His Own Step-Daughter Over Delayed Tax Return After Planning To Leave His Wife!

You will not believe the greed of Bryon Winborne, 42. Bryon Planned on leaving his wife when his tax return came back but he instead murdered his own stepdaughter because he blamed her for a delayed tax refund, allegedly. That’s right: Delayed! It’s not like he wasn’t going to get the money eventually. Homicide detective Shannon Kulnis testified this week that Bryon shot and killed Kysha Johnson, 26, during a fight about a delayed tax return. Kysha’s mother, two teenage boys and two young children were inside the home when the cold-blooded murder occurred. Thankfully, they were not harmed.…

Man Imprisoned After Filming Eric Garner’s Death, Refusing to Eat, Rat Poison Found in Jail Food

New York, New York – 22-year-old Ramsey Orta, the young man who filmed the NYPD killing Eric Garner, was arrested shortly after on trumped up charges. He has since been locked up at the notorious Rikers prison in New York. Immediately following the killing of Eric Garner, Orta was stalked and targeted by police. They allegedly scrutinized Orta’s daily life until they were able to find something to charge him with. Eventually, he was confronted by police who illegally searched him and arrested him for the non-violent crime of carrying an unregistered firearm. Orta had expressed concern for his…

Woman Commits Suicide After A Video Of Her Performing Oral Sex On Her New Man, Sent To Taunt Her Ex, Goes Viral

A woman has killed herself after she sent a video to her ex-boyfriend showing her performing a sex act on her new boyfriend, and it backfired on her. He posted it on the Internet and it went viral. 31-year-old Tiziana Cantone, from Naples in Italy, endured months of abuse and mocking. According to friends and relatives, she was deeply depressed and suicidal for months before her death. They claim she couldn’t handle the negative attention she was receiving from social media.In the video, she can reportedly be heard saying, “Are you making a video? Bravo.” That phrase has been…

Murder Suspects Ask Court To Follow Them On Snapchat

Two accused murderers aren’t letting homicide charges tarnish their social media brand. Albert Lavern Taylor, 22, and Dennis Ezell Gibbs Jr., 19, are two of three men and one 15-year-old juvenile charged with shooting another teen outside an Easley, South Carolina, bowling alley on Wednesday. The four stand accused of murder, possession of a weapon during a violent crime, and assault and third-degree battery by mob. But when they appeared in court the day after the shooting, Taylor and Gibbs were chipper and ready to Snapchat. Facebook friends of Jamari Trayvar Fair, a third man charged in the murder,…

New Research Claims That Going Down On Women Is Good For Your Health

Recently a study was released that had men jumping for joy. The State University of New York found that performing oral s*x on men was actually beneficial in a health related way! While men are jumping up and down, women are now joining them as a parallel study has been released which says that cunnilingus has it’s own health benefits as well, which affect both men and women. The Kinsey Institute of Indiana University, looked at over 150 straight and lesbian couples. Half the group was instructed to heavily get down orally in their relationship. The other half was…

The Game Drags Khia On Social Media Over Her Beyonce Comments

It’s been a long time since we heard from Khia, who’s mostly known for her hop hop song from back in the day entitled, ” My Neck and My Back”.   Well, she’s back in the spotlight not for her music but for her commentary of Beyonce’s visual album “Lemonade”. Khia made comments that Beyonce is a “hoe” and that Serena Willams, who is featured in the video as well, is a slave. In essence, she feels like Beyonce makes black people “look bad”. The same person who made a song about a man licking it good had something…

D’Angelo Russell To Be Banned From The NBA For Disregarding Player Privacy

  LOS ANGELES – After Los Angeles Lakers point guard D’Angelo Russell posted a video on snapchat featuring teammate Nick Young, who appeared to be completely unaware he was being recorded, admitting to cheating on his Fiancé Iggy Azalea, the NBA announced that D’Angelo Russell will be permanently banned from the NBA for disregarding player privacy and breaking “locker room rules”, and thus forcing the Los Angeles Lakers to waive Russell. The infamous video (Below)was posted by D’Angelo Russell as his snapchat story. seen by hundreds of thousands of people, including Iggy Azalea herself. Russell is now being shunned…

TRAGIC: Rapper Young Thug Was Found Alive And Well In His Los Angeles Apartment

Los Angeles,CA – It has been reported by friends of Young Thug that he was found alive and well in his LA apartment after several rumors of his death due to heroin overdose surfaced the internet. A recent pull held by the hip hop community showed 90% of the votes suggested his death would have been a blessing to the hip hop world. Here is a recent photo he posted to his Instagram: We’re sorry but he is alive. Maybe next time.

Keyshia Cole Finally Meets Her Biological Father

Last night Keyshia Cole finally got to meet her biological father, Virgil Hunter. We’ve seen on her BET reality show that the singer has been searching for her father for most of her adult life.. Her mother Frankie, was no help at all in helping her find him.. But Frankie did say he was “Italian.” The absence of her biological father seemed to take a heavy emotional toll on the entertainer.. Well things are looking for for Keish..   Now, it seems Keyshia has located her biological father, and she announced it to the world. While she hasn’t yet…

Woman Caught Running Over Boyfriend After Finding Out He Has HIV 

I guess she was just trying to return the death sentence he probably gave her. This dude was just riding a bicycle in the Phoenix area and BAM! Next thing you know he is being run down by a woman in a Ford Mustang. The Mustang slammed into the cyclist sending him airborne over the vehicle and onto the pavement. The driver doesn’t stop, leaving the man in the street. A source told King that the woman — Misty Lee Wilke — was the man’s girlfriend, but she had just found out he is HIV-positive. A Maricopa County grand…

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