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Rihanna Suing Facebook for Allowing Users to Share Ugly Meme of Her Before the Fame, Wants $50 Million

“Facebook about to get that work, work work, work work. I want Mark Zuckerberg’s networth, worth worth, worth.” – Rihanna Said the reigning queen of screaming over repetitive worded tracks. Rihanna is suing Facebook after an unattractive meme of her went viral online over the past month. “I could deal with the forehead jokes, but my mama didn’t have no money back then and we was living off of who wanted they d**k sucked for the day” Rihanna says she is willing to drop the lawsuit if Facebook can mark Chris Brown’s Facebook fanpage in the next 30 minutes.…

Birdman Sells ‘Respek’ Trademark to Chinese Clothing Manufacturer for $25 Million

“HE MAY SAY 3 (TREE) LIKE A TODDLER, BUT HE’S AN AMAZING BUSINESS MAN” Said the CEO of Brand Smart China’s U.S. division after revealing they acquired the trademark for Birdman’s phrase ‘Respek’ for a little over $25 million and they plan on rolling out an entire line of ‘Respek My Name’ apparel for the Birdman. “I TRIED TO BRING MY SON IN ON THE DEAL, BUT HE STILL BEING PETTY AS F**K. BECAUSE I OWE HIM A COOL $5 MILLION.” – BIRDMAN Birdman says he wants to thank Charlamagne’s ugly ass for creating this opportunity, and that he…

The Game Blocks Young Thug on Instagram For Favoriting All His Dick Pics

“MY DICK PICS ARE FOR FEMALE’S EYES ONLY. JUST BECAUSE HE DRESS LIKE A BITCH DON’T MAKE HIM A WOMAN.” Rapper the Game blocked Young Thug after he favorited all of the rappers famous underwear dick pics that he loves to share on Instagram since he no longer has a rap career. “YOUNG THUG MIGHT AS WELL COME OUT THE CLOSET AND BRING THE REST OF ATL WITH HIM”

9 Year Old Murders Parents After They Turn Off WIFI For Punishment 

A 9 year-old boy has been taken into custody by the Fairfax County, Virginia Police Department after he shot his parents to death over their decision to turn off the Internet for punishment. According to reports, the juvenile had been caught abusing a litter of kittens he found in the bushes near his house. Eyewitnesses say he put them in a trash bag and was slamming it against the tree. Neighbors immediately notified his parents who quickly took action. According to the boy’s confession, his parents grounded him by turning off the Internet so he could not play his…

Young MA Arrested After Fighting Man Who Told Her “I Can’t Believe You Have A P*ssy”

NEW YORK CITY – It is being reported that up and coming New York rapper Young M.A. has been arrested after she beat up a man because he allegedly told her “I can’t believe you have a p*ssy”. Reported to have happened Wednesday afternoon, the “Ooouuu” rapper stopped on the street to take a picture

Chicago Man Arrested for Slapping 25 B*tches Because He Was Tired of B*tches

A 23 year old Chicago man was arrested last night for slapping 25 Bitches. He said he was tired of bitches playing games so he went to the liquor store on 71st and state brought a 5th of Hennessy and got pissy drunk. He then proceeded to walk down the street and slap the dog sh*t out of every bitch he approached. “I THOUGHT HE WAS A PIMP THE WAY HE WAS SLAPPING THEM HOES AROUND BUT HE AIN’T ASK THEM FOR NO MONEY ” — WITNESS He attempted to slap a heaven set woman and they got into…

Woman Makes Over $10,000 A Month By Asking “Boyfriends” For Abortion Money!

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – A 27-year-old woman was pulled over early morning due to a speeding violation. Natasha Brown, acted in a very suspicious manner officers decided to search her vehicle where they discovered $60,000 in cash. When officers asked her why she had such a large amount of money she replied “I’m getting an

Illuminati Sends Woman to Set up Chris Brown like they did Bill Cosby 

Eric Wachosky an illuminati insider claims they are trying to build a case against Chris brown the same way they did Bill Cosby to ruin him and put him in jail for life. “I KNOW THESE PEOPLE AND THEY AIN’T PLAYING NO GAMES, ONCE THEY MAKE YOU A TARGET IT’S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME, I SAW WHAT THEY DID TO BILL HE WAS LOVED AND NOW HIS LEGACY IS RUINED AND THE SAME PEOPLE ARE NOW AFTER CHRIS, I FEEL BAD FOR HIM” — WACHOSKY Now if you think these claims are just crazy conspiracy talk Eric tells…

Arthur Creator Says “Black People Ruin Everything”

“ARTHUR WAS CREATED TO ENTERTAIN KIDS. NOT PROMOTE SEX, DRUGS AND BEING A THOT? WTF, IS A THOT?” Creator of cartoon Arthur says black people ruin everything that is fun and wholesome after a slew of social media memes of the cartoon went viral promoting everything from weed to abortion. “JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO GO ON MAURY TO FIND YOUR FATHER DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DESTROY MY CARTOON” – ARTHUR CREATOR Arthur creator says he doesn’t apologize for his words, because this cartoon was made to educate not promote Thotism.

Plies Locked Out Own Concert After Security Didn’t Recognize Him Without Hat

“ALL YOU NIGGAS FIRED, BIH” Said rapper Plies after sitting outside his own concert for over an hour after his own security team didn’t recognize him without a hat on. Plies security team says the rapper was not recognizable without his hat on and thats why his concert was delayed by over 3 hours, because they didn’t let him in backstage. “NIGGAS NEED CONTACTS AND GLASSES, BIH, BECAUSE I’M HANDSOME WITH OR WITHOUT MY HAT” – PLIES Plies lost an estimated $15,000 dollars from being late to his concert, and which is equivalent to about 13 fitted hats in…

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