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Young Joc Signs Million Dollar Deal to be the Face of Olive Oil Relaxer for Women

THEY TOLD ME THEY WOULD CUT THE CHECK FOR A MILLION AND I SAID WHERE DO I SIGN? SHIT I LIVE IN ATLANTA I HAVE NO PROBLEM BEING GAY FOR THE PAY” Said Rapper turned reality star Young Joc about his exclusive deal with Olive Oil Relaxer for women. Joc signed a Multi Million dollar deal with Olive Oil to be the face of their brand for the next 3 years. He also gets an unlimited supply of products that he can surely use with all the baby mamas he has. “I’M NOT DOING THIS FOR ME I’M DOING…

Cierra Ross, Chicago Mom, Charged With Raping Man At Gunpoint 

A Chicago woman was jailed after being accused of picking up a stranger in her car and forcing him to have sex with another woman in the back of the vehicle. Cierra Ross, a 25-year-old resident of suburb Olympia Fields, was charged with armed robbery and sexual assault stemming from the alleged crime, according to DNA Info. Ross was booked Sept. 5 at the Cook County Sheriff’s Department, where she is being held in lieu of $75,000 bail, according to police records. Assistant State’s Attorney Amanda Pillsbury told a Chicago judge in court on Thursday that the alleged incident…

Man Lights Up Blunt in Courtroom After Judge Drops His Child Support

“So happy I can afford to not smoke Reggie. Loud pack here I come.” Said Raphael Saggleton briefly before he was arrested for marijuana possession while attending court on a child support hearing. Mr. Saggleton celebrated by putting one in the air after a rare win of a judge reducing his child support by half.

18-Year-Old Teen Arrested For Being A Fake Gynecologist & Opening Up His Own Clinic! (Gave Hundreds Of Exams To Women) 

A south Florida teenager is in jail after he played doctor with real patients for the second time in just over a year, authorities say. Malachi Love-Robinson, 18, known as Dr. Robinson to his patients, was arrested after he allegedly gave physical exams and medical advice to people — including an undercover officer — at a holistic medical clinic he founded in West Palm Beach. Sources say Love-Robinson is the same teen caught in January 2015 masquerading as a doctor at St. Mary’s Medical Center, peeking in on gynecology exams and keeping a wardrobe of lab coats inside his…

Lawyer Quits Her Job And Turns Into Instagram Model With Over 1 Million Followers

Normally I am the first to take a giant poop on “Instagram models”. Mostly because they give themselves those titles, and just because you can get half naked and snap a selfie, doesn’t mean you are a model. This girl is different. Not only was she a lawyer before doing this she doesn’t seem like the twerking for the views type. Normally I am the first to take a giant poop on “Instagram models”. Mostly because they give themselves those titles, and just because you can get half naked and snap a selfie, doesn’t mean you are a model.…

Three Women Arrested For Murdering Their Children’s “Deadbeat” Baby Father’s 

A horrific murder occurred in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia this morning involving three women and the fathers of their children. According to authorities, the three women plotted and successfully killed the fathers of the their children in which the mothers labeled the fathers as “deadbeats”. The incident was discovered at 11:45 A.M. this morning in Druid Hills, a suburb of Atlanta, at the home of Keisha Jenkins, who is one of the alleged suspects of the murder. Neighbors of Ms. Jenkins indicated that they saw the four women walking back and forth to the home of Ms. Jenkins…

Teen was Afraid of Getting Girl Pregnant so he Pulled Out, But Ended up Catching HIV 

“I WAS MORE AFRAID OF CHILD SUPPORT THAN H.I.V. THAT’S WHY I PRACTICED PRACTICE PULLIN’ OUT MORE THAN PUTTIN ON CONDOMS, BUT WISH I WOULDA STRAPPED UP” Said Markus Chase a teenager who contracted hiv after having unprotected sex with a girl he met at the club. “I JUST FEEL LIKE YOU SHOULD BLAME THE PARENTS, IF THEY TEACH THESE KIDS ABOUT WEARING PROTECTION, THE PREGNANCY AND HIV RATES WOULDN’T BE SO DAMN HIGH” After being diagnosed Markus plans to start a non profit for teens who are also afraid of child support in hopes this won’t happen to…

Trump Offers Free Healthcare to Any Blacks Willing to Go Back to Africa

“THERE’S NOTHING THE BLACKS LIKE MORE THAN FREE SH*T. ASK BERNIE” – TRUMP Said Trump about his plan to offer free healthcare. Trump offered to pay for the healthcare of any African American and/or illegal immigrant who’s willing to go back where they came from. “THE COMPLAIN ABOUT POLICE BRUTALITY, THEY COMPLAIN ABOUT , …GO BACK TO AFRICA. TRUMP ’16” – DONALD Trump says he plans on spending less than a million since most minorities don’t or can’t read anyway.

Brazilian Women Are Being Kidnapped For Their Hair Due To High Demand Of Weave

BRAZIL – The demand for weave has become an epidemic within the United States. Hundreds of Brazilian women are kidnapped everyday to keep this high demand going these women are kidnapped and their hair removed to be shipped to the United States. We spoke to some of these women who were lucky enough to escape. They claimed once kidnapped their hair is immediately cut and prepared to be sold usually shipped to United States. We spoke to William Jackson about the situation and he tell us “African women can easily get away with murder because every hair recovered from…

Male Cop Forces Black Man to Give Him Oral S*x to Avoid Being Arrested [RAW VIDEO] 

“IF IT’S BETWEEN ME SUCKING ONE D*CK VERSUS GOING TO PRISON AND SUCKING A HUNDRED D*CKS I’M GONNA GO WITH THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS” Said Johnathan Hancock after being forced by a Folks County Officer to give him oral s*x or goto jail. Johnathan filed a lawsuit with the 66th district of the Folks County police department against Officer John Lang. An eyewitness recorded the entire traffic stop on video. (see it below) He has been placed on paid leave pending an investigation. “I DON’T CARE WHAT NOBODY SAYS I’M NOT GOING TO JAIL, NOT EVEN TO VISIT…

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