Newborn Baby Passed Away After Being Kissed By Mother, The Reason Will Shock You! 


Our mothers are the first person to caress us once we are, but what if the first touch or first kiss that a mother gave to his new born baby is the reason why the baby would have sickness and pass away? How painful would it be if the one who gave life to the baby would also be the reason why the innocent baby’s life would be in danger?

Ruth Schofield gave birth to her adorable and healthy baby girl, but after 11 days, she was also the reason why her little angel passed away.

The life of the baby Jennifer was put in risked when the mother, Ruth had been constantly kissing her baby on the lips. Jennifer got a virus from her mother’s lips.

The mother transferred the virus, Herpes Simplex Virus after kissing the baby on the lips.

The sad mother said, ‘The day she died it was a total shock. I just could not believe it.’It was only afterwards we discovered she had contracted HSV.

Apparently it was in all her organs – brain, liver, kidneys – everything. On the last day her tiny body just shut down.’

The doctors did not know that the baby already claimed the disease so they weren’t able to give the baby the treatment that she needed before she gave her last breath.

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