Two Florida Men Agreed To Settle Their Online Beef In Person, Both Died In A Shootout!

Two men died after gunshots rang out during an argument in front of a West Augustine business Saturday morning. Canyon Charles Molitor, 25, was confirmed dead of multiple gunshot wounds at the scene not long after deputies and personnel from St. Johns County Fire Rescue arrived at the parking…

Married North Carolina Pastor With Kids Gets Exposed as Gay on Facebook!

Davone E. King who is 20 years old writes local pastor a letter on Facebook detailing their secret 7 Year relationship. The pastor is a pedophile if the boys letter is true being that it would make the Davone 13 at the start of their relationship.  The pastor is Married…

Husband Divorces Wife Because He was Tired of Paying for Her Weave

“The price of weave has gone up like gas in the last five years.” Johnathan Rhames says he loves his wife very much but he tired of working overtime just to put 6 inches of virgin remy on her head.

Young MA Arrested After Fighting Man Who Told Her “I Can’t Believe You Have A P*ssy”

NEW YORK CITY – It is being reported that up and coming New York rapper Young M.A. has been arrested after she beat up a man because he allegedly told her “I can’t believe you have a p*ssy”. Reported to have happened Wednesday afternoon, the “Ooouuu” rapper stopped on…

Man Chains Girlfriend in Backyard Since She Wanna be a Dog On Snapchat So Bad

“She wanted to be Scooby Doo soooo bad. B*tches should be careful what they ask for” Said a Florida man who was arrested for chaining his girlfriend up in their backyard since she posted so many filters of herself as a dog on popular social network Snapchat. John Aikens…

Woman Makes Over $10,000 A Month By Asking “Boyfriends” For Abortion Money!

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – A 27-year-old woman was pulled over early morning due to a speeding violation. Natasha Brown, acted in a very suspicious manner officers decided to search her vehicle where they discovered $60,000 in cash. When officers asked her why she had such a large amount of…

Man Lights Up Blunt in Courtroom After Judge Drops His Child Support

“So happy I can afford to not smoke Reggie. Loud pack here I come.” Said Raphael Saggleton briefly before he was arrested for marijuana possession while attending court on a child support hearing. Mr. Saggleton celebrated by putting one in the air after a rare win of a judge…

Black Dad Puts Racist Baby Mama on Blast After He Takes Their Biracial Daughter to Get Braids

Biracial children often struggle with understanding their identity, particularly in a society that typically only sees “black” or “white.” But I’m sure having a blatantly racist parent makes matters even worse. A black dad just put his white baby mama on blast due to her racist comments on their…

New York Man Hit By Car Doing Mannequin Challenge. Thieves steal his Timberlands

  “WHEN THE CAR HIT HIM HIS TIMBERLANDS FLEW 50 FEET IN THE AIR. I’M MAD SOMEONE STOLE THEM BEFORE I DID” On Sunday afternoon a man from New York City was hit by a car while doing the Mannequin challenge. Witnesses say the man saw the car coming…

Man Murders Girlfriend in Her Sleep Because Her Eyebrows Gave Him Nightmares

“THEM SH💩TS LOOK LIKE THE BATMAN SIGNAL AND THAT HOE AIN’T NO SUPER HERO” Said a Louisiana man who was arrested for murder last night. Rocky Washington was arrested for murder after neighbors called the police once they heard a loud gunshot at their apartment home. Police arrived and…

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