People Are Saying This 160,000-Year-Old Man Discovered In Africa Looks EXACTLY Like 50 CENT! His Ancient Ancestor?

Remember when the internet discovered the photo of a 1933 man that looked EXACTLY like Jay-Z? Well now there’s a new celebrity who resembles a man from the past…we’re talking 160,000 thousand years ago!



It all started when Black History twitter account @BlackHistoryStudies innocently tweeted a photo of an acient African man from thousands of years ago. They captioned it: “Reconstruction of a man found in Morocco who’s remains are 160,000 years old, Moesgaard Museum, Denmark.”


But of course, hilarious twitter users began to notice just how much the man resembled 50 Cent.


And along came the hilarious memes! This could literally be his long lost relative…who knows!


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