Peyton Manning To Retire From Football To Work At Papa Johns

DENVER – After winning Super Bowl 50 with his beloved Denver Broncos team against Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers, Peyton Manning has announced that he will officially be retiring from professional football and work full-time at the Papa Johns closest to his home.


After not revealing whether or not he would retire from football during post-game interviews following his second Super Bowl victory, Peyton Manning announced his decision Tuesday Afternoon to Broncos management. “I believe it’s the appropriate thing to do” said Manning, “I believe retiring with my last match being a Super Bowl victory is the right thing to do. Also, working at Papa Johns has always been a dream to me, making pizza has always been a passion for me” finished Manning.

Papa Johns CEO John Schnatter seems to be thrilled to have Peyton Manning making pizzas. “We love Peyton Manning, his head is a little large but that’s ok, we can use someone with Peyton’s head capacity to make our pizzas. We’re going to have to fire someone at Papa Johns to make room for Peyton”. Peyton Manning did not reveal when he intends to begin his career at Papa Johns, but it is expected to be soon.


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