Police’s Wife Snitches On Him When She Found Out His Side Chick Was A 15-Year-Old 


A wife was devastated when she found out her husband was cheating on her.

Things got even worse when she learned that his mistress was a 15-year-old girl.

WhenLoveWasReal Reports

Although this grown man looks like a kid himself, he’s sick. He’s married, 27 years old, and a member of the Polk County Police department, near Tampa, FL.

To say he didn’t love his wife is an understatement, he loved the company of a 15 year old more, and risked his freedom, reputation, and marriage because of it. We praise his wife for what she did that put this “sick­o” in jail.

Polk County detectives arrested 27­year­old Randy Velez on one count of lewd molestation, according to WTSP­TV. After his arrest, the Bartow Police Department officer said that he and his wife were having marital problems when he struck up a relationship with the 15 year old victim.

Velez met the 15­year­old through his job and then began talking with her regularly on Facebook. Although he visited her frequently, the victim said that they only had sex one time.

Velez, of Lakeland, was arrested after his wife, Eloisa, called the Bartow Police Department and said her husband had admitted to sexually assaulting a 15­ year­ old girl. She told police she had known since October that he had cheated on her, but said she learned the age of girl for the first time weeks later, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

He said they only had sex once. When his wife asked why she should believe him, he said;

“It takes planning and he just got lucky that day.”

The teen said she met Velez while he was working as a
police officer. They started talking about sex, he knew she
was 15, and he came to her house at least once a day
while working for a kiss.
He came over twice when he wasn’t working while her parents
were not home. They had sex on the second visit, the report
alleges. He told investigators he couldn’t recall if that happened
in late August or early September.
He said he was having “marital issues” with his wife and they
were arguing a lot when he met the girl. She was nice to him and made him feel comfortable, the report says.

“Randy said the more he and the victim got to
know each other the more he started to have
feelings for her,” he said, according to the report

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