Pregnant Woman Calls Out Cheating Boyfriend That Infected Her With HIV, His Social Media Responses are Unbelievable



A pregnant woman is calling out her cheating boyfriend, and his responses to her on social media are appalling. Some of the hurtful comments that Simone Wilson’s ex made on social media are inexcusable, and she claims that she is pregnant with his child making the comments even more disturbing. Simone says that her ex beau goes by the online name Justin Case but that his real name is Lucas, and that he is a player and a user that other women should watch out for. Simone posted screenshots of conversations that she had with Justin, and he tells her that he will post her photo and info on escort sites just to shame her. In the conversation Justin denies that the baby is his, and tells Wilson that he is too good looking to be with her and that she is an old ugly washed up b*tch.


Many comments on Simone’s social media page are doubtful that she is being truthful, and some question whether she is even pregnant. Wilson claims that Justin slept with a well known porn star and contracted HIV on her birthday, and then gave her the disease. Simone plans on creating a website detailing her struggles during this pregnancy and invites people to keep up with the current events in her life. To make matters even worse Wilson posted a conversation where Justin tells her that he is going to have sex with her sister, and she claims that he has already messaged her cousin for the same purpose. If this story is true then Justin is a first class scumbag. If the story is made up and Simone Wilson is lying then she needs help.

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