Rihanna Suing Facebook for Allowing Users to Share Ugly Meme of Her Before the Fame, Wants $50 Million


“Facebook about to get that work, work work, work work. I want Mark Zuckerberg’s networth, worth worth, worth.” – Rihanna

Said the reigning queen of screaming over repetitive worded tracks.

Rihanna is suing Facebook after an unattractive meme of her went viral online over the past month.

“I could deal with the forehead jokes, but my mama didn’t have no money back then and we was living off of who wanted they d**k sucked for the day”


Rihanna says she is willing to drop the lawsuit if Facebook can mark Chris Brown’s Facebook fanpage in the next 30 minutes.

Was Rihanna really that ugly in the before pic? (Ain’t nothing a shotgun can’t fix!)

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