Savage Hoodrat  Murders Man, Girlfriend & Unborn Child Over Brazilian Hair Weave




Shelby Isaac, 18,  was charged with murdering her hair stylist, his girlfriend, and their unborn child. 

On January 22, Eddie Tate Jr., 38, and his girlfriend, Edwina Thomas, 33, were sitting in a car when they were approached by a woman.  This woman opened fire shooting them both. Tate died on the scene, while his pregnant girlfriend was rushed to the hospital. Sadly, she nor her baby made it. The police believe Shelby Issac was responsible.

According to chuksdaily, Issac was angry with Tate over a hair bundle purchase. Eddie and his cousin ran a business called They sold weave extensions and wigs ranging from $50 and all the way up to $250. Police say that Shelby and Eddie were having an argument over some weave that Shelby Issac was unsatisfied with. So, she decided to get even with him.

Issac and a friend, Victoria Seay, showed up to Sycamore Lake Apartments in Memphis, Tenn. and opened fire. Witnesses say they saw Isaac go through Tate’s pockets after she shot him.

A witness was able to write down the tag number of the car that belonged to Victoria Seay, 18. She was the driver of the get-away car.


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