Step Father Checks Dead Beat Dad About Complaining To Facebook About Him Taking His Daughter To Get Her Nails Done…



I wasn’t going to say anything but nah since her biological dad wanna make Facebook post I guess I’ll entertain him for a bit. So apparently you mad cause I took her to get her nails done yesterday? Is that correct El? After I reached out to you and told you I was taking her and even ask would you like to join… The difference between me and you bra, you just created her. I’M RAISING HER. While you over there in your feelings MF stop asking why I’m doing stuff with her and start asking about the shit that really matters. Then u a know she can spell her whole entire name, she can count to a 100, she knows entire alphabet and the sounds every letter makes. but she does sometimes mistake the letter q from g. She loves working with other students and like everywhere else, shes the star in every room she enters. She a great student in her first year in school, trust me I haven’t missed a parent/teacher conference yet. Instead of having attitudes and a problem with what I’m doing with the child you created nigga you should be thanking me and tipping your hat cause I stood up and step in when you could not! Any way you welcome lil nigga. Well I’m about to video call my baby right now you probably don’t know but she still had school today, she goes to private school my nigga. Oh yeah I’m helping pay for that as well.. Stop being a baby daddy my guy, learn how to become a father.. ✔mate

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As men we have to do simple things with our daughters more often… Pamper them early treat them like queens so when they get older they won’t waste their time getting heart broken by BUM’s. #FatherDaughterBond

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