Teen Dies After Attempting Dangerous New “Taser Challenge” 


Kryon Mathews, a 17-year-old boy, was found dead by authorities late last night. The teen was fatally injured after attempting an extremely dangerous challenge that has gone viral across the Internet.

The “Taser Challenge” encourages people to place a stainless steel butter knife, or any metallic butter knife in their mouth and shock it with a Taser gun. In some cases, the challenge has resulted in brain damage, nerve damage, and in this case death.

“Electricity is a very serious element,” said Dr. Paul Robinson. “In my years of practice, I’ve come across patients who’ve suffered electrocution but this is insane. Several teens, both male and female, have entered the emergency room with brain and nerve damage. The latest incident related to this asinine challenge has taken a life. I don’t know what is wrong with kids today. They are attempting all kinds of weird challenges which have put them in serious danger and has lead to health complications and death. The more important question is, where is the parental supervision?”

Several social media sites including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter indicated that they will continue to remove videos posted to their sites that encourage dangerous activities.


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