Texas Mother Upset After School Calls Her Daughters Hair Unacceptable

BELTON, Texas –
A Texas mom wants school leaders to undergo diversity training after they told the woman’s young daughter her hair was unacceptable.


Marian Reed says an assistant principal at her 9-year-old daughter’s elementary school pulled the third grader out of class because her hair violated the school’s dress code.

The school says the girl had a fauxhawk, which is prohibited.

But the girl’s mom says she put her daughter in small ponytails, sometimes called “afro puffs,” because the girl’s hair doesn’t lie flat.

Reed believes the school’s decision to reprimand her daughter was discriminatory because she said school officials took no issue when her daughter wore the same style, just with longer, synthetic braids instead of her natural hair.

Reed said she wished district leaders would have spoken solely with her about the dress code violation, instead of making her daughter feel her hair was wrong.

She wants school leaders to undergo diversity training.

“They could have called me and discussed it with me without pulling her out of class and without having that conversation in front of her, because now she’s questioning her natural image,” Reed said. “And, at nine years old, she’s going to remember that for the rest of her life.”

“Do we need training?” asked Charla Trejo with the Belton Independent School District. “We are always willing to train and to learn and do things. However, this particular situation was about consistency. It was about making sure we have the same expectations for everyone.”

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