Three Women Arrested For Murdering Their Children’s “Deadbeat” Baby Father’s 


A horrific murder occurred in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia this morning involving three women and the fathers of their children. According to authorities, the three women plotted and successfully killed the fathers of the their children in which the mothers labeled the fathers as “deadbeats”.

The incident was discovered at 11:45 A.M. this morning in Druid Hills, a suburb of Atlanta, at the home of Keisha Jenkins, who is one of the alleged suspects of the murder. Neighbors of Ms. Jenkins indicated that they saw the four women walking back and forth to the home of Ms. Jenkins with large black bags taken from a white truck parked in the driveway of Ms. Jenkins’s home.

“Keisha and her friends had several black bags, plastic and some large knives that resembled machetes in their hands when they entered their home. I was walking my dog at this time so it was around 6 A.M. this morning. I then saw four different vehicles come to the home between 9 and 10:15 A.M. when I was out front watering my lawn”, according Mary Smith, a next door neighbor of Jenkins.

According to authorities, neighbors heard loud music coming from the home of Ms. Jenkins and then hacking noises and loud screams. Another neighbor went to the home to see what was wrong and that is when she discovered what happened. “I knocked on the door and Aletta, a friend of Ms. Jenkins opened the door, covered in blood with a machete in her hand. The door was opened just enough for me to see the bodies of four men, lifeless on the sofa in Ms. Jenkins’s living room. I ran out and called the police from my home”, according to Mrs. King, another neighbor of Ms. Jenkins.

When authorities arrived, they discovered the bodies of Rashawn Worthington, 36, of Marietta, Daequan Williams, 37, of Stone Mountain, Ricky Smith, 41, of Buckhead, and Jarrod Taylor, 46 of Emory. Authorities indicated that this was the most horrific crime ever to happen in Druid Hills.

Officer Baker, who responded to the scene stated, “I walked into the home of Ms. Jenkins and found the victims hacked to death on the sofa. One of the men was decapitated, another was missing limbs, and the other two had multiple stab wounds to the abdomen. There was blood everywhere.”

The EMT and other police officers arrived at the scene to assess the situation. All four men were pronounced dead at the scene. Keisha Jenkins, Aletta Smith, Robin Burwell, and Shoronda Logan were all arrested at the scene and taken into custody. While the four women were walking in cuffs to with police, they all yelled, “This is what happens to deadbeat fathers!” The four women were taken into custody for questioning and if found guilty, they can serve life sentences for their involvement in the murder.

The investigation is pending however we will provide you with updates as we receive more information.

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