Wife Battles Husband’s Mistress During Hospital Visit (Video)

A cheating husband struggled to keep his wife and mistress from killing each other when they accidentally bumped into each other while visiting him in the hospital! Someone uploaded video footage of the beat down to on Sunday. In the video, the man is heard yelling at his…

Female Bishop Squeezes Pastor’s Manhood During Church Service In Ghana.

  According to Report from GhanaNews, the Pastor was preaching to his congregation on a Sunday morning then he ask people with health problems to stand up and come close to touch a specific place on his body for healing. While everyone was touching the Pastor’s head, shoes and…

Teen Arrested After Video Of Him Smoking Marijuana With Baby Posted Online 

Lamel Lamont Yancy, 17, is charged with first degree endangering the welfare of a minor after police say he posted video on Facebook showing him smoking marijuana with a baby.

Parents Can’t Handle This 4th Grade Atlanta Teacher’s Tight Clothes (See Exclusive Pics & Instagram Videos of #TeacherBae Inside)

  Parents Can’t Handle This 4th Grade Teacher’s Tight Clothes Her tight clothes leave little to the imagination. She’s an ASU graduate and proud to be educating young children. She’s not afraid to show off her curves in class, or speak up about her unpopular religious beliefs online. How…

22-Year-Old Atlanta Woman Boils Then Stabs Roommate To Death After An Argument Over A Missed Ride

A 22-year-old Atlanta woman is in police custody for allegedly stabbed her roommate for leaving her stranded downtown. According to AJC reports: It happened early Saturday morning at his apartment on Bouldercrest Road. The police report said Charles Rudison was stabbed to death by his roommate, Breyana Davis, 22,…

Father Shot And Killed For Not Holding The Door Open For Woman At a McDonald’s

LAS VEGAS  — An argument outside a North Las Vegas McDonald’s turned deadly for a 31-year-old man. Family members of Mohammad Robinson say he died Saturday night after he mistakenly did not hold the door open for a woman. Witnesses say Robinson was shot because he did not hold…

Mom’s Boyfriend Kills 2 Year Old Boy After Becoming Enraged That Mom Brought Home Wrong Groceries

A judge set bail at $1 million cash for a man accused of beating his girlfriend’s toddler son to death, crushing the boy’s liver, in South Jersey over the weekend in a fight that allegedly stemmed from the boy’s mother buying the wrong groceries. Judge Edward McBride arraigned Zachary…

Shocking!! Mother & Son Fall in Love With Each Other 

Wow Mom and son fall in love and have sexy together! Smh. Would you have sexy with a family member?

Woman Fakes Kidnapping So Husband Wouldn’t Know She Cheated (Video) 

I don’t understand why some people even bothered getting married.. Karla Vasquez, 32, allegedly tricked her husband, Daniel Pacheco, into thinking she had been abducted. A panicked Pacheco called the cops. When officers found out Vasquez’s story was a lie, they arrested her for falsely reporting an alleged crime.…

Male Cop Forces Black Man to Give Him Oral S*x to Avoid Being Arrested [RAW VIDEO] 

“IF IT’S BETWEEN ME SUCKING ONE D*CK VERSUS GOING TO PRISON AND SUCKING A HUNDRED D*CKS I’M GONNA GO WITH THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS” Said Johnathan Hancock after being forced by a Folks County Officer to give him oral s*x or goto jail. Johnathan filed a lawsuit with…

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