A Woman Allegedly Killed Her Baby’s Father With The Help Of Her Boyfriend And Friend 


Tiffany Li invested the help of these 2 men, Kaveh Bayat and Olivier Adella to allegedly kill her baby’s father, Keith Green.

This is one of the craziest stories that I’ve ever heard of.

Tiffany Li ,30, and the father of her children, Keith Green were at odds. They were going through a custody battle and it got ugly. At on point, Keith and Tiffany were a couple raising their 2 children.

In addition, Li accused Green of hitting her and stealing a Land Rover that she purchased as well as insured in her name.

However, they broke up last year once Green discovered that Li was cheating on him with Kaveh Bayat, 29.

Tiffany was of wealth, living in a mansion, and driving a Ferrari. While Keith was an aspiring chef trying to make ends meet to take care of his kids. His family and friends said that his children was his world.

On April 29th, Keith had scheduled a meeting with Tiffany at the Pancake House. When he failed to return home after meeting with Li, his girlfriend was concerned and reported him missing. In addition, he left his keys and wallet behind.

He remained missing until May 11th when an officer found his decomposing body down an embankment off a dirt road. Dental records were used to confirm that the body was Keith Green.


Li and Bayat were both arrested on Saturday after police raided Li’s Hillsborough mansion.

Adella of Burlingame was arrested a day earlier on Friday when police served a search warrant in the 1800 block of Trousdale in Burlingame.

All three suspects are being charged with the murder of 27-year-old Keith Green. Police have not shared Green’s cause of death or a motive.

Watch news footage on this story below:

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