Woman Fakes Kidnapping So Husband Wouldn’t Know She Cheated (Video) 

I don’t understand why some people even bothered
getting married..
Karla Vasquez, 32, allegedly tricked her husband, Daniel
Pacheco, into thinking she had been abducted. A panicked
Pacheco called the cops.
When officers found out Vasquez’s story was a lie, they
arrested her for falsely reporting an alleged crime.
“Knowing that she was not in danger, (Vasquez) deliberately
caused her husband to call the police and report a kidnapping,”
her arrest report said. “(Vasquez) at no point was in need of
police assistance.”
Cops used the GPS systems in Vasquez’s car and phone to
track her down. Vasquez was spotted around 3 p.m. driving the
car she claimed she was kidnapped in.
Vasquez told police that she actually never went home after
work, and instead went to a bar where she met the other man
and “decided to spend the night with him,” according to the
Cops found pictures on the friend’s phone that showed him and
Vasquez “smiling and appearing to have a good time in
different places,” according to the report.


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