Woman Mauled To Death By Her Boyfriend’s Pitbulls While Visiting His Home 


A woman and her boyfriend decided to go to his home after a date.

As soon as the lady walked in her boyfriend’s yard, his two pitbulls started barking.

ABC Reports

Officials say a woman who was attacked by two dogs outside of a Connecticut home last week has died.

New Haven officials say Jocelyn Winfrey on Monday succumbed to injuries she suffered in the June 20 attack.

Officials say the mauling happened when Winfrey and the dogs’ owner, and her boyfriend Hamilton Hicks, walked onto his property. Hicks tried to pull the dogs off of her, but he also was bitten. His injuries were considered non-life-threatening.

An animal control officer says the dogs were American bulldog mixes. They were taken to a shelter, where they’re being quarantined.

The city confirms the two dogs were properly registered, vaccinated and never had any prior complaints.

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