Woman With Too Much Makeup Mistaken As Clown; Attacked By Angry Mob



CHICAGO – Anna Jackson, age 26, resident of the Englewood neighborhood was walking home at around 7 p.m. when she was reportedly attacked by a mob of angry black teenagers upset over the mysterious clown apparitions around the country. After she was beat, the perpetrators realized she wasn’t a clown she was only wearing an excessive amount of makeup.

Anna Jackson told authorities she could not identify any of her attackers but she did recall what one of the attackers had said: “Kill this f*cking clown, n*gga think sh*t sweet, this chicago n*gga, I merch that.”

Anna Jackson also stated that the group of attackers fled after one of them said “oh sh*t bruh, that ain’t a clown, she just wearing hella makeup”. Although not unconscious yet, Jackson lost consciousness a few seconds later.

After being found by authorities, she was rushed to the nearby Holy Cross Hospital. Although expected to survive, Jackson told nurses she now feels emotionally damaged because makeup has always been a hobby for her.

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