Woman Stabbed Her Husband To Death Because He Wouldn’t Eat Her A**!


“Before we got married I used to get my A** ate every night, but then he started acting brand new, he knows I love my a** ate before we make love it’s all his fault”

Said 34-year-old New York native Latoya Jones-Mendoza who is making headlines for retaliating against her husband for one simple mistake.

Jones grabbed a kitchen knife and drove to her husbands girlfriends home. But why? Because the husband stopped eating her A** and got a new woman.

Once in the apartment, Latoya stabbed her husband Jameel Mendoza to death. Once police arrived he was rushed to the local hospital, but couldn’t survive the chest wounds.

“She went there to complain about how he stopped eating her a** but was eating his new girlfriends groceries but things got crazy and he was stabbed to death”

The new girlfriend Shaquana Parker told InfamousTribune

“I’m not saying I agree with what she did but his A** eating game was on 1000 so I understand why she flipped out, I just think she took it way too far she didn’t have to kill him”

Lotoya’s trial date is set for June 9th, in which “She wishes to profess her innocence and go to trial on this matter,” according to Assistant Public Defender Michael E. Benedict.

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