Woman Tries To Shoot Her Barber 3 Times Over A Haircut



pizap.com14555012821321Adrian Blanchce Swain, 29, tried to shoot her barber, Manny Montero, because she was unhappy with her haircut. 

Barber Manny Montero thought that Adrian Blanche Swain was happy with her services. She paid him $ 20 and additionally gave him a $ 20 tip. Well, Montero must not have picked up on her vibe because Swain returned an hour later to shoot Montero three times. Fortunately, the gun jammed.


According to ABC 10 San Diego News, another barber, Joe Cooper, said Swain wanted her hair to be similar to Rhianna’s mohawk.

Kind of like the Rihanna haircut,’ Cooper told ABC. ‘Easy haircut to do, to be honest. She’s probably just having a bad day. It was more mental with her. But the haircut, it’s a very stylish haircut though, Cooper added.

Montero couldn’t understand her anger but he noticed that Blanche had a bald spot on the side of her head.

She came in with you know a bald spot on the side and I’m like, “I didn’t do that”, Montero told WPXI.

Barber Chris Tatum said that Swain left the barber shop with a different haircut than what she came back with, and said police found razors in her car

Barber Chris Tatum, who helped Montero hold Swain down, agreed with Montero that he did not give her that haircut. San Diego Police said that Swain’s gun was loaded but malfunctioned. She is now facing attempted murder charges.  In addition, the police found razors in her car and they believe she shaved her hair herself.

Thank God no was hurt from this incident! Watch more news footage on this story below:


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