Women Stole $160,000 From Multiple Credit Card To Buy Gold Grillz And Breast implants.



A group of women is accused of stealing people’s personal information to pay for tens of thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery and dental work, police said.

It could take decades for the victims to rebound.
Police said 11 women took advantage of the scheme to get everything from breast implants to gold teeth.
Police told Channel 9 some of the victims were young and hadn’t had lines of credit yet. Now their credit is ruined.
Detectives said most of the victims were between 20 and 24 years old.

They started receiving bills in the mail saying they owed thousands of dollars in medical bills.
Eight women were arrested and three are still wanted in the investigation police have dubbed Operation Nip Tuck.
Detective Todd Herb spent months working to uncover the fraud scheme.
Workers at Paradise Dental eventually figured out Constance Zellous was using someone else’s information and contacted police.
Herb said on top of the dental work, Zellous also got breast implants using stolen credit.
Police said Shuante Campbell also had liposuction.
Campbell posted on her Facebook the day of surgery, “Nervous as heck! But God got me!! Lord give me strength.”

“Constantly, you would see them on Facebook and Instagram showing their pictures just a few days after their surgery,” said Herb.
In all, 16 women are accused of racking up more than $160,000 for procedures.
The medical businesses and the credit companies are out of money while the ID theft victims are left with the headache of trying to clean up their credit.
“To get work done for vanity purposes is theft, and it’s terrible they did this against these victims,” said herb.
Police said besides the eight arrested and three with warrants, there are five others who could soon be facing charges, including the alleged ringleader

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